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A common thread of flavors and aromas that binds all our wines, a purity that comes from the choice to work respecting in the most absolute way the dictates of the classic method.
At the origin of our purity.
Our story begins in the rolling hills.
Franciacorta, a small patch of land suited to the classic method, is the amphitheater of the "Cantina Lovera di Franciacorta". Our company is located in the historic heart of this region where, in a perfect harmony of natural contrasts, we seek those ideal conditions to give life to Lovera Franciacorta wines. A manual harvest combined with a delicate squeezing of the fruit allow us to obtain from our grapes the very must that will give life to our Franciacortas.
Produced in absolute purity, our sparkling wines reach their distinctive character only through the action of time. All our products are now known for the long resting on the lees in the dim light and in the tranquility of our cellar, creating, thanks to an ancient chemistry, that golden thread of bubbles that intoxicates our glasses.
Lovera winery is a company founded in 1995.
Our property consists of a 3000sqm cellar, a 2000sqm farmhouse and 20 hectares where they come from
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are produced for a total annual production of 180,000 bottles.
Our story has many chapters: We could start it from manual harvesting, from everyday life
devoted to the delicate pressing of our grapes. We could tell you about the profound silence of our cellars, in which precious bottles rest in the dim light. Each story is interwoven with the words of its tradition. Ours starts from the land: gentle morainic hills frame our company built in the heart of Franciacorta. Land of natural contrasts and balance, the cradle of all the small and large conditions that allow Lovera wines to reach an extraordinary purity and uniqueness. Our wine range includes Brut DOCG, Brut millesimato DOCG, Satèn DOCG, Rosè DOCG and Pas Dosè DOCG. The "Lovera" and "Betella" brands are registered as national and international brands. From 1 September 2018, the Lovera farmhouse was inaugurated at the prestigious Lovera residence, offering 7 prestigious 5-star rooms plus areas for events (corporate, weddings, etc.) for up to a maximum of 300 people. The gourmet cuisine of the Lovera residence is led by Chef Alessandro Ferrera, who offers traditional ingredients revisited in a modern key.

Each Lovera wine tells the story of its land through its nuances. Each vintage is affected by a unique combination of factors dictated by the particular microclimate of the area, surrounded by gentle hills on the western end of Lake Iseo. Franciacorta is a land with a great tradition, whose history permeates the products that come from its fertile soil. Our cellars, vineyards and the technology that accompanies and completes the Classic Method allow us to materialize the magic of this unique land, giving shape to Lovera excellence.

From the Lovera Winery are born products dedicated to purity. Each of them is a piece of a story, a path of aromas and flavors dictated by the processing based on the most rigid Classic Method. A wise combination of workmanship and ancient traditions, updated by a wise use of the most modern technology. Each product becomes the incarnation of the history of this fabulous land, the result of all the small choices that over the years have made Lovera uniqueness what it is today.

In the quiet of our cellars rest Brut, Satèn, Rosè, Millesimati and exclusive reserves. The characteristics of each of them depend on the Classic Method and the steps that make it so.

Each Franciacorta Lovera takes shape thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle. The best yeasts and grapes of our vines give life to a fine and persistent bubble.
After a long rest in the bottle, each of the Lovera products,
thanks to a skilful degorgiatura, it is elaborated only together with the rest of the wine of its vintage.

Cantina Lovera has always harnessed the best technology in the sector, combining it with the constant search for quality and the unique characteristics of the Franciacorta Territory.
The resulting product embodies the harmonious contrasts given by the Territory and the Climate from year to year: unmistakable wines with intricate nuances. An all-Lovera excellence.
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